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ADHD and ADD can make home life and school extremely difficult for your child. Natural solutions and support from the LIFEstrength Health Center team can help your child with simple strategies that don’t involve medications. Functional medicine specialist, Cade Copeland, DC, and the LIFEstrength team care for children and families in Naples, Florida, and have made it their mission to help families thrive, naturally. Use the online booking tool or call the office today to schedule a consultation.

ADD and ADHD Q & A

What are the signs of ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is characterized by patterns of inattention and hyperactivity that lead to functional and developmental problems, especially for children in school. Common signs of ADHD include:

  • Trouble focusing

  • Difficulty staying on task

  • Excessive fidgeting, tapping or talking

  • Hyperactivity, often at inappropriate times

  • Impulsive behaviors

  • Interrupting others frequently

ADHD is a brain disorder that makes it difficult to regulate and control these behaviors. As a parent, you may notice these symptoms in your child at home, or their teacher may mention them to you and recommend that you get help for your child.

What are the signs of ADD?

Attention deficit disorder (ADD) is similar to ADHD but lacks the hyperactivity component. With ADD, the symptoms of inattention are more obvious or problematic. Other ADD symptoms include:

  • Trouble paying attention to directions or when people are speaking

  • Lack of focus

  • Being easily distracted

  • Wandering off when given directions or working on a task

ADD is considered a type of ADHD. Often the two conditions may be lumped together, but since they have different presentations, it’s important to receive personalized treatment for your child based on their unique needs.

What causes ADHD and ADD?

ADHD is a type of brain disorder, and ADD is one of the most common types of ADHD. The exact cause of ADHD and ADD is unknown, though researchers have identified specific risk factors that may impact your child. These risk factors include:

  • Genetics

  • Cigarette smoking, alcohol use, or drug use during pregnancy

  • Exposure to environmental toxins during pregnancy

  • Exposure to environmental toxins at a young age, including lead

  • Low birth weight

  • Brain injuries

Your doctor can help determine if any of these factors play a role in your child’s behavior and recommend lifestyle modifications to reduce the impact of these factors, including heavy metal detoxification and using non-toxic products in your home.

Can ADHD and ADD be managed naturally?

ADHD and ADD can benefit from natural, holistic solutions. In some cases, you may choose additional therapies for your child depending on the intensity of their symptoms. Your first step to natural care is a consultation and functional lab work for your child at LIFEstrength Health Center.

The practitioners test your child’s blood for heavy metals, infections, toxins, and nutritional deficiencies that are linked to ADHD and ADD. Based on the analysis of your child’s blood work, the practitioners may recommend incorporating a variety of foods into your child’s diet or adding supplements, removing foods from their diet that cause sensitivity or inflammation, and completing a heavy metal detox program.

To learn more about ADHD and ADD solutions, schedule a consultation at LIFEstrength Health Center using the online booking feature or by calling the office directly today.