Staying true to the belief that “Your Health Future is greater than your Health History,” getting to the root cause of an illness is essential in making lasting changes. Instead of simply covering up symptoms, getting to the root cause allows the body to truly heal, regaining the function it lost. To accomplish this, I use a multitude of tools and tests to help me assess cellular function, brain-body communication, hormone production and timing, metabolic performance, inflammatory levels and more. Depending on your goals, I also use one or more of the following services for health restoration;

  • Complimentary 15-minute Phone / Video Consultation - find out if I can help your situation.

  • Chiropractic Evaluation including necessary X-Rays - Optimize the neurological aspects of cellular healing.

  • Functional Medicine and Lab Work Panel Consultation - 50 min detailed history to determine necessary testing for chronic conditions.? Testing includes blood, stool, saliva, hair, urine, etc.

  • Blood panel Review - Using the labs you already have, I will read and put in natural treatment protocols.

  • Nutrition Assessment 101 - 25 or 50 min, can be done in a group or one on one. Physical Fitness and Metabolic Conditioning Evaluation Includes recommendations for peak performance or weight loss.

  • “Shop with the Doc” Tour of Whole Foods - Group grocery tours to help cement sound nutrition protocols for healing.

  • Medicine Cabinet Makeover - Swap out your over-the-counter medicines for safe and effective natural alternatives.

  • Toxicity Evaluation - Find the sources of toxins all around your home including personal care, cleaning, and cosmetics.

  • Long Distance Coaching - 50 min phone/video consultation and lifestyle recommendations with email follow-up.

  • Full Year of Coaching - Concierge-style care including a complete 50 min initial consultation, three 25 min follow-ups, email support and 10-15 hours of active coaching spread through the year.

  • Annual Health Maintenance Program - Keep healthy with 25-50 minute session each month. Contact Dr. Cade directly to schedule your consult or with any questions or concerns you have.

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