Dr. John Martin, D.C.

Dr. Martin has a passion for Functional Medicine (especially nutrition and fitness), environmental conservation (especially wetlands), SCUBA, boats of all kinds and Harley Davidson motorcycles. You can blame a lot of it on his parents.

In the mid-50’s, the Martin family (along with John Jr., then just 5 years old) moved out of the city (Tampa, FL) and into a cracker house about 12 miles due north of the Raymond James Stadium. The building was a hunting lodge in the 1920’s, a hundred years ago nestled way off the county road set on the south shore of a spring-fed freshwater lake. With horses and boats and three aces of grass to mow and too many chores; it didn’t leave much time for being idle or getting into much trouble.

Wildlife about it all around my family of 2 sisters and a baby brother growing up. We had a 5 strand barbed-wire fence around the property to keep the wild animals out of the yard; Florida Panthers, black bears, bobcats, wild pigs, quail, Bald Eagles owls and hawks and all sorts of wading birds wandering through the yard; even deer and alligators too who ruled the land fascinating us and keeping us humble at the same time. Yes, it was quite wild in those formative years! We rode horses, water-skied and mowed grass more than most kids! Before we are old enough to legally drive, the boys were introduced to motorcycles to get around, and that passion still lives today. Sports, yard work, horses and other chores all in the same day taught us the wonders of … and limitations to the human body.

We grew up work-a-holics. Our osteopathic family doctor kept us going. As a young father and a pre-Med student, I bought a new house in Daytona Beach. Our builder had frequent migraines from the chemicals associated with his job, but his chiropractor helped to fix them. After the excitement of the changes with care, he in turn he challenged me to check out this chiropractic thing. My first interview at the chiropractic college in Atlanta, included a plane crash on the way there! This new career challenge was certainly getting fun right! We both enrolled in chiropractic college on that trip … little did we know, something SPECIAL was in the works for both of us.

Here we are 30 years later! Dr. Kent (my favorite pilot and my house builder) bought more planes through the years, and I bought more boats. His son is pre-Med at West Point Academy and my daughter is a fashion model and a paralegal in Atlanta. They are role models in health for their peers and colleagues due to their chiropractic upbringing. My daughter was a “blue baby,” she had a lousy APGAR score at birth. Due to this, she was first suggested at 4 hours old that helped her body overcome the challenges of birth, and now she’s under a lifetime of love and chiropractic. 6 feet tall and a heck of a kickboxer, it is such a great joy to watch these kids grow and flourish; it keeps us dads going. I’ll boat and fish and ride as long as I can, but I’ll never retire … it’s just way too much fun!